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Too Much Information

100 Days

We Took Your Teeth and Replaced Them With Chimes

You Went Too Far


The Fifth House Of Pleasure

Control Freak

The Voice of Heathens

Pilgrim Song

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Urban Blues, the album you see advertised at you, is the composite of two albums as they were originally released - Puppy Spanners and Urban Blues. At the time of One Dog Clapping the band's disbandment (is that a word? it is now) there were six albums that I gave around to people. I had intended to polish all six albums into well mixed gems, but circumstances (i.e. fatherhood and responsibility) made me decide to crunch the 6 down to 4 and not get so bothered about the opinions or otherwise of the more technically minded. With the album crunch (everything's a crunch, innit?) I decided to try at least to keep songs or recordings of roughly the same vintage together. The only real exception is We Took Your Teeth and Replaced Them With Chimes which dates from after Trilby Furnace so should really go on Pasteurised... hang on, why didn't I think of this earlier? Anywho, it is what it is.

Puppy Spanners is the only album that's ever actually been released by someone else (

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