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visitors don't send postcards

just the future again

leading the swarm

when the cauldron bubbles

my missing logo

predator by proxy

you'll never take me alive

put yourself in your place

until my head implodes

innocent snake eats guilty tail

this collision


Life in Trilby Furnace was written and recorded between December 2001 and March 2002, although the song Leading the Swarm dates from 1999, its trilby arrangement happened in the recording period. I was working as an inventory controller in a plumbing warehouse at the time, and there was a big stock thing going on, the exact nature of which I've forgotten all about, but I remember being really stressed out by it all, hence I smoked industrial amounts of dope when I would get home, and Trilby Furnace was the result. Despite being monumentally stoned for most of the process, I can detail the births and evolutions of each track, although I'm not going to because it would be boring to both read and write, although it goes to show that at least I remember the good times from that period (like, when I had a guitar in my hand, yeah). 3 tracks, however (When the Cauldron Bubbles, Innocent Snake Eats Guilty Tail and Until My Head Implodes) did get substantial lyrical revisions about a year later which I did re-record the vocals to accommodate.

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