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The Twin album to Coming Back From the Head is entitled Unhand Me, Black Magician!

It goes like this:

Welcome to the Abyss Mall

The Dotted Line

Robinson Crusoe Begs the Question

Bring It!

Angry Young Meme

Divide and Fool

Ex Veteran


Cold Grey Uniform

Control the Freak

The whole thing can be listened to on the Bandcamp page where, if you like it, you can download it for a name your price fee.

This is album 6 of the 'Adventures in Entropy House' theme.

The generally 'mystical' subject matter continues with this one, although it is possible to pretend that it doesn't, if that sort of thing offends you. However, it makes more sense if you think of this twin as kind of like eye-witness accounts of watching the effects of the demi-urge at work.

With a few hints on how to escape its clutches, obviously. And a vastly more wah oriented guitar sound.

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