this stuff goes out of date so quickly, so is a constant work in progress. ho hum:

Frankly it blows my mind that any of the above actually need attention drawing to, but there you go. I bet you all know who Beyonce is, though, don't you?

Every time I update this bit, it goes out of date within about a week, and I don't edit this site on a machine with net access making updating it now quite tricky. Anyone who wants to know what I'm listening to should visit my music blog, and you can also get an idea from my profile though it's becoming less representative as I listen to more and more away from the prying eyes of the scrobbler these days. Also, some of the above links may now be defunct. If so, sorry.

Reading/visual matter: there's Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Gene Wolfe, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison's Invisibles series, Carlos Castaneda, Graham Hancock, Gurdjieff, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Robert Anton Wilson, Paul Laffoley, Leonora Carrington, Doris Lessing, Laurens van der Post, Carl Jung, Bill Viola, Ursula Le Guin, Hundertwasser, Canadian Psychedoolia, Rumi, Harry Harrison, Alfred Bester, Phil K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Theodore Sturgeon, Bryan Talbot and the list will go on because I can never remember everything at any one time - this bit will never be put into a nice tidy table like the others. Also, the good thing about working in a library is the serendipitous access to stuff I might not otherwise look at - I'm slowly wading through a whole heap of mythology that got chucked out in a recent cull (some of which I rescued, although I think a lot of gold went the way of the recycling man) and various periods of history. And now I can add some of me to the above...

the archdruid report Ancient Wisdom Rune Soup Ran Prieur Graham Hancock

I visit the above websites. Some others too, but they are far more 'woo' and stuff. All you need to know is that my world view likely resembles yours only in the sense that they can both be called world views.

To leave you on a note, take the well known concept that Time is the 4th dimension -if you swap out 'time' with 'the observer,' are you really saying anything different?

Thought not.

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