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December 2023: So,Fragments of the Night was released in March. Illusion Fatigue dropped in late November, and Pivot to Chaos has just landed in early December (see discography page for links to all). Anyone would think a series is starting.
The aforementioned Decolonise Yourself may still be the next one, but there's an alternative thread that I may follow instead. As I've said, keep an eye on the blog, as that's a much more reliable way to keep up to date.

Sons of Itto did do a gig not long after I posted the below, but have done nothing since. Milo and Stef may well be focussing on the Korean Street Food band they have (I can't remember it's exact name, apologies both).

See you in 2024!



Feb 2023: This is a misleadingly named page, hinting as it does that it might get regularly updated. In reality, I suspect no such thing will occur and you'll be lucky to see a yearly update.

Anywho, it is February 2023 as I type this. I expect to release a new album called Fragments of the Night once I have 'designed' a cover for it.

I have also slightly revised two of the landscape albums, and they should both be replaced by the end of March, possibly before the end of Feb. See if you can spot which ones. Hint: one of them has had the cover freshened a bit, colours added and stuff. The other one hasn't. I don't announce these things on the blog, I just do them.

Other upcoming releases - for a given value of upcoming - include Decolonise Yourself, which is all new material, and Illusion Fatigue which is re-recorded material from the Entropy House era that never made it onto the albums of that series. If I don't faff, they could both come out this year, but Fragments has been held up by major faffing so I make no promises. There is more than enough material for several albums after these but I'm not planning that far ahead.

Sons of Itto have re-awoken. We'll never return to classic era levels of activity, it's hard enough getting a monthly practice together. But we are hoping to do a few gigs when opportunity presents. They'll most likely be in Nottingham, so keep your eyes peeled if you're near there.

Releases and gigs will be announced on the blog, so use your RSS feed or alternative blog-following means. No other social media will be used or even considered.


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