Meeting the Changing Landscape?

I was conscious that the Adventures in Entropy House sequence was ending when it did; a tiny bit less so of the life changes that would accompany that. But only a tiny bit.

So, I started a new recording spree because reasons. Said batch of many songs got formed into separate but interlinking narratives. Like all crazy people, I have a story to tell.

The first is The Castle is Burning! and that is the starting point of the series. It tells of the world I perceive now I've left Entropy House, and is not overly positive, though it does have a sense of humour. I mean, we're talking the world of Brexit, Trump, Bullshit Media (which is all media these days), smoke and mirrors and how the fuck do you make your way through that? This is where you end up when you - or at least, I - spend too long in Entropy House. Let that be a lesson.

The second is Hills to Die On and this is where I try to start making the world - or more specifically, my world - a better place, somewhere I'm pleased to inhabit. It is where I've put a bunch of positive songs into a bit of a loose story, and the more observant amongst you may notice the odd love song or two, a new addition to the types of song you'll find me singing. They also happen slightly more often in the course of the next few albums, though whether they become a long term thing will depend very much on events now the series is finished.

Next in the series is Alternarratives. The journey to the Hills is hard enough, but try doing it whilst telling yourself all those old failed stories that got you where you are? Madness. You need better stories. This is where we dig for those stories.

But then we have to test the stories, and in a way the digging analogy above is perfect, as in the darkness of the mine is where we face the demons that don't want to let go. They want you to stay with them exactly where you are because that's where they're comfortable but since when did you owe them their comfort? They certainly don't provide that in return. Give as you receive. Which makes this the Internal Route Fury, and this is where we do battle to test these better stories. If they can't get you through this, then they ain't better stories, because stories that don't get you out of the darkness ain't stories. Believe it or not, true stories are real. This is the dark album of the series, but like all the best movies (do they still make movies?) there is light at the end. Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is almost a happy ending. Except it isn't the end.

Because out the other side we have become Glitterheads on the Loose! What else could we be after all that? Glitterheads are invincible. Not literally; shut up Mr Dawkins. I mean metaphorically. Whatsoever may become of the transient body we currently inhabit, we will nonetheless endure, and the story will be told. Listen - it's being told now. Everywhere you listen, it's being told. Literally everywhere.

There is a kind of ghost album that I haven't put out yet, called Influx Arena. Because all of the songs on it were recorded during this spell, it is technically an album in the series. However, if I ever do actually put it out, I may use it as a bridge to where I go next, because it works just as well doing that. Caveat: I haven't actually worked out where I'm going next. Or maybe I have and this is all a big tease.

The songs contained in this series are a mixture in terms of compositional history. Several are reworkings of songs I've put out before. Some are songs that have spent a while gestating (and I mean a while in some cases - Rabbit in the Headlight Blues started life in 1996, but only started to take it's true shape at the beginning of 2017, and others can boast of nearly as long gestation periods). Many, however, were written during the recording series, and from Alternarratives onwards, each album contains songs that weren't even conceived at the start of 2018 when I started putting this thing together.

This page may flesh out as my perspective changes with distance from the series, although the landscape hasn't done changing yet. That's rather the point.

For a start, the new background image on the website is only a rough sketch, I just wanted to lighten things up, and test the colour scheme. At some point, a more betterer version will be made (I take it those husks I just tripped over were people who actually held their breath waiting for a better picture? They should know me better by now).

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