Meeting the Changing Landscape?

I was conscious that the Adventures in Entropy House sequence was ending when it did; a tiny bit less so of the life changes that would accompany that. But only a tiny bit.

So, I started a new recording spree because reasons, mainly because that's what I do. Said batch of many songs are now being formed into separate but interlinking narratives. Like all crazy people, I have a story to tell.

The first is The Castle is Burning! and that is the starting point of the sequence. It tells of the world I perceive now I've left Entropy House, and is not overly positive, though it does have a sense of humour.

The second is Hills to Die On and this is where I try to start making the world - or more specifically, my world - a better place, somewhere I'm pleased to inhabit. It is where I've put a bunch of positive songs into a bit of a loose story, and the more observant amongst you may notice the odd love song or two, a new addition to the types of song you'll find me singing. They're likely to happen slightly more often in the course of the next few albums, though whether they become a long term thing will depend very much on actual events...

Next in line is Alternarratives and Internal Route Fury. These will also be a yin and yang pair, but will start with the lighter one first. Although I have many songs lined up for these, I'm having to adapt to new software on the mixing side of things because the events of getting Hills over the line, so I'm not putting any kind of timeframe on how long it will take. Just to give an indication of what is obviously incipient insanity, though - I had originally envisaged putting all five planned albums out in the space of 6 months. Now, they will simply be ready when they are ready.

The series will close with Influx Arena, and possibly a sixth too, working title Igloos, if I haven't been locked away in a mental institution by then. Do they still have mental institutions?

This page will flesh out as the landscape does. It hasn't done changing yet. For a start, the new background image on the website is only a rough sketch, I just wanted to lighten things up, and test the colour scheme. At some point, a more betterer version will be made.

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