Wot, no inbetween?





Coming Back From the Head is part one of a twin set. Like a double album, but not. It's companion is Unhand Me, Black Magician!

It has these songs:


Veils (Closest to the Mirror)

Second Pilgrim Song

Trick of the Light

Hujui Kitu

Heads You Bruise

One Bright Spark

Bleshings in Disguise

The Longest Three Minutes of Your Life

Get My Face Out


...in that order. The whole thing is available via the Bandcamp page.

this is album 5 of the 'adventures in entropy house' theme.

Anyone put off by the generally mystical subject matter of Amargi will probably want to not even bother with this one. It's really quite gnostic. However, idiomatic to the style is that my vocals rarely dominate the mix, so you can ignore what I'm singing about if you like the overall sound.

Further explanations don't feel necessary so won't be provided.

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