So, what was this whole grand concept, then?

The original scribble that birthed the idea was included in The Book of Dysfunction because I completed that before I realised that essentially what my post 2009 recording spree was about was the aural documentation of my adventures in entropy house. I made that realisation just as I was readying album no. 3 in said cycle, Luna Takes Asylum

Adventures in Entropy House is a series of many albums and other creative endeavours. It consists of 7 albums, the aforementioned BOD, a load of photos and also a load of scribbles which I intend to collate into the follow-up to the BOD, called The Book of Malfunction (BOM! Boom! Boom!)

It also allows for the fact that my world view is changing - dare I say it, maturing, quite drastically as the series progresses. The below paragraph predates this one by about 3 years, but I'm leaving it unedited, mainly because of the last line, and its relevance to my increasingly gnostic worldview.

Entropy House, then, is the setting for where monoculture (read: the demiurge; read: your/my shadow; read fear) tries to impose its will upon all present, willing or not, leading to cultural entropy, the atrophy of individuality whilst setting individuals against each other in a cult of individualism designed for doom, against a backdrop of a collapsing empire which may very well foil its desires and return us to the previous 'dark ages' (dark age = when machines weren't on), or it may not - i think Philip K Dick was on to a lot more than many people, even his fans, imagine. Yes I know there are contradictions in the foregoing. That is one of the many whole points.

Adventures in Entropy House is my way of reporting on the process, and providing little rebellious spots of syntropy for the weary, who happen to like quite heavy rock music and/or experimental writing projects.

So, in terms of actual completed things, Adventures in Entropy House comprises of: The Book of Dysfunction, Children, It's the Same Castle, Dude Awakening, Luna Takes Asylum, Amargi, Coming Back From The Head, Unhand Me, Black Magician! and Aventures in Entropy House. And I detailed the soundtrack to the latter part of that process over at this blog I made.

The early One Dog Clapping and Lastgnomestanding works, whilst they could quite comfortably fit in conceptually, don't; for no other arbitrary reason than that there was such a gap between them and between what I'm doing now that they seem like a previous life.

Feb 2016 update: What is probably the final sonic document of this process is about to reach term, I can almost feel the waters breaking. The Book of Malfunction was intended to be a visual part of this sequence, but will now be a part of a future one, Insight Farming in the Western Abyss, the natural next stage. It's all very well reaching the conclusions that I reached during the entropy process, but at some point I have to do something with them. I'm therefore farming for syntropy. Some of these seeds have been planted a while now, and are beginning to be ready for harvest. To do this I intend to try a couple of new tools, specifically tuning paradigms, for example the 432 Hz and the Solfeggio (444 Hz).

March 2018 update: So I'm now calling the next sequence Meeting the Changing Landscape and gradually redesigning the site to give it a lighter theme, though I'm tempted to keep the dark theme on this page at least. Anyone interested in my insight farming should check the Seeds of Syntropy blog.

March 2019 update: I've now removed The Book of Dysfunction pdf from the site, because I only like bits of it now. Also, I now realise that Entropy House was something else entirely. Clue - not only did that series finish in 2016, but so did something else in my life which was quite significant up until then. Your prize for guessing correctly is the satisfaction of guessing correctly.

aaaaaahhh.... outsider art. where you can do verbal diarrhoea to your heart's content.

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