'dude awakening' goes like this:

from here to urantia

going to a stoning

gingerbread man

join the dots

the benefit is the doubt

su hsin

in my culottes

Jesus wore a ponytail

this roman

your Mother

kiss the Moon goodbye

I'm getting fed up with trying to describe them. It's an album. Milo said about Children... that it's best listened to as an album, and the same is even more true of Dude Awakening. I think I should start sending stuff off for review. then someone else can try and describe it*. Then someone else might actually hear of it. Although, I will tell you a story. Today I played my first test mix on the house stereo. After the last song finished, and I was getting my trainers on to go shopping (an awful experience on a saturday afternoon), Ben, my little boy, then aged 3, said, "is that the last song daddy?" "Yes," I replied, "well, you couldn't really follow that one, could you?" to which Claire, my ex-wife said, "even I liked that one."

Make of that what you will.

*Julian Cope has. It's in the August 2010 Address Druidon. Apart from the fact I'm only vaguely familiar with either of the names used in comparison (I know who they are and what they do/did, I just haven't listened to much of it), I think it's a description. Just going to show how opinions colour perceptions, though, James Borland reviewed it over somewhere else and came to a similar conclusion about my approach but absolutely slated it - I haven't missed the link out of spite, I just can't remember where it is or even the name of the site anymore. Leonard's Lair has also reviewed it, and was somewhere more in the middle.

This is album 2 of the 'adventures in entropy house' series. The cover does not mention this so do not be afraid.

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