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Latest Album

Pivot to Chaos!

Pivot to Chaos (2023)




The Trilby Furnace Albums (2001-06)

Urban Blues

Life in Trilby Furnace

Pasteurised the Milk of Human Kindness


Adventures in Entropy House (2009-16)

Children, it's the Same Castle

Dude Awakening

Luna Takes Asylum


Coming Back From The Head

Unhand Me, Black Magician!

Escape From Entropy House

Meeting the Changing Landscape (2018)

The Castle is Burning!

Hills to Die On


Internal Route Fury

Glitterheads on the Loose!

Insight Farming in the Western Abyss (2020- )

Influx Arena

Twilight Communion

Fragments of the Night

Illusion Fatigue

Pivot to Chaos