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The Castle is Burning! and is the first album I found when I escaped Entropy House and went meeting the changing landscape. It's the first in a series of some, and probably the least positive. The conceit is that this a snapshot of the world that I see. The next album is called Hills to Die On and despite it's title is in fact a snapshot of the world I'd rather see. The subsequent albums will be about joining the two.

It has these songs:

Meatsuit Cheapseats

Don't Blame the Cuckoo

Counting Zero Sums

No Wheels on My Wagon

Disappointed Fantasist II

Rabbit in the Headlights Blues

Make Your Own Shadow II

Colony 6

New Valhalla that order. The whole thing is available via the Bandcamp page.

this is album 1 of the Meeting the Changing Landscape theme.


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