Luna takes Asylum has these songs on it:

Lance, Speak, Deafening

Making the Triggers Happy

Ask for Anything

Are You Hanging Comfortably?

Nowhere to Stand

Here Come the Face Invaders

Black Tie Affair

Who the Fuck is Paris Hilton?

Fashionably Numb

in that order. It was originally going to be called 'Scientists on the left, bankers on the right, and gangsters everywhere!' and so, it's my angry album, though this doesn't mean it's 45 minutes of screaming Flipdog and screaming feedback, though there is a bit of that. To contrast nicely with this, the next album is shaping up to be my 'spritual/cosmic/whoa man, what is this shit?' album. Yes, you Dawkins-worshipping Uber-Reductionists will be horrified.

This is album 3 of the 'Adventures in Entropy House' theme. I think it's the first of said albums to actually hint at it, though.


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This album is now available digitally through bandcamp