this is getting boring


The It Doesn't Matter

If The Accident Will...

I Was a Teenage Prostitute

Until the River Ran Through It

Desert Fidelity/Laughing Gas

Empty Hollow Thud (extended)

Cursed Animal Love Expectation

A Ghost Is Forged

Leading the Swarm (original version)


I'm the One Who Knows

The Above Sign


The Sheep Came In

Tombstone Ivory


Please wait here while we apologise for the delay is a collection of recordings dating from 1997-99, all done on a 4 track tape recorder, a Tascam. those of you who are turned on by terms like 'shitgaze' or 'glow-fi' or, whats that other typically critic one? hypnagogic pop? well, its nothing like that. its like one dog clapping, only on lower fidelity. which is still better than The Killers. (I saw them at the charlotte in Leicester, supporting the Dirtbombs. we could tell they had a hype machine behind them, because they were the only band of the night to have email collectors going round ensnaring victims for the hordes of ravenous marketers and advertisers who were hiding behind the upcoming hype machine. they were very average, as is necessary for mainstream success. The Dirtbombs and Josiah (the other band who played) had none of these collectors, and were very, very good; consequently, they have no mainstream success. I realise that, scientifically speaking, my supposition of cause and effect here is woefully inadequate. I would like to point out though that any 'experiments' anyone could ever undertake to investigate such things would never find out anything of value, and what's more, look at the evidence of things since the grunge thing surprised many, The White Stripes notwithstanding).

This is the one album I haven't made available digitally. If you really want a copy based on the two tunes linked, contact me and we'll arrange something.

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